Can You Imagine Living On The Streets?

Earlier this year I traveled down to Brighton to do an interview with Radio Reverb.

On my way in I passed a homeless man, I literally put my head down and walked on by. When I came out from the Interview, I spotted him again and realised everyone else was doing what ‘d just done. Ignoring him, like he wasn’t there.
At that point, I decided to stop and talk to him. We chatted for about ten minutes, not long really, but in that time I learned about him and why he’d been on the streets for the past 3 months.
All the time whilst we spoke he was worrying about his duvet, which had got soaked the night before. As I walked away I thought how lucky I am and how would he ever get that dry?
This short meeting has stayed with me ever since and so I have started an appeal at Fit For Moore for the Antifreeze campaign run by Off The Fence in Hove.
We are collecting, Hats, Gloves, Socks, Underwear, Scarves and general warm clothing in good condition.
These can be dropped off at my studio in South Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex at any time. I have already dropped off 4 big bags and am doing another trip next week.
Please help if you can. Thank you
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