Calling all 60+ Ladies!

We started our new 60+ Active program back in March this year and we felt there was a lack of exercise programs for ladies that well…are active!

After speaking to a number of ladies it was clear that they didn’t want to go to a gym where they felt intimidated by young girls in Lycra and muscle bound young men.  Classes were also a problem as they were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to do the exercises and because the class sizes were big that the instructor may not be able to help them if they needed it.

The converse of this was to do try the places where machines did the exercises for them and they just had to sit down and their bodies were moved for them.  Nothing really appealed, yet they still wanted to exercise to stay fit and healthy, maybe lose a few pounds and generally tone up and feel better.

So we designed a program where the name of the game is fun.  We provide a social environment where you can have a chat and laugh but at the same time do safe, comfortable exercise which are specifically designed to be within your capabilities. The class is 45 minutes long, and there are just 9 spaces so our instructors can see if you’re struggling and can immediately offer assistance and guidance on how what else to try.  We have great music and you can sing along ( if you like ) and you’ll go away feeling energized, stretched and warm. Oh and those few extra pounds?……they soon do too!

Here are a few of the ladies on Mother’s Day when we gave them all flowers!  Well, Mum’s are so important aren’t they?

mothers day studio 1


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