Building Houses: why does it take so long?

Recently I’ve been walking past a new house being built and for ages, it seemed like nothing was happening. The walls were up, the window frames were in and the roof was on but nothing else seemed to happen.

For months it seemed like nothing was happening, there were no visible changes, it all just looked the same. Dark, half-built and quite sad.

Then slowly changes were visible: the windows went in, the walls by the drive were built, the driveway leveled and today I noticed some fencing had been put up.

Inside there are lights on and you can see furniture starting to appear.

I got me thinking how we ourselves can be like new houses.

What do I mean?

Well, let’s take a look….

Generally, I think we’d all agree that if we want to achieve a goal (build a new house) it’s good to have a plan!

So, the blueprints, the design if you like – they’re drawn up and agreed.

Then we prepare for the build and if we’re sensible we build a solid foundation.

Sometimes the foundations need to be deeper than we initially thought. They need to be strong enough for what we are about to build so might take a bit longer to put in place.

Then quite quickly the walls go up and the structure appears –we get excited as we can see the progress quickly and it feels great.

But, then comes the slow and steady part; Plumbing, insulation, electrics. Not something that’s necessarily visible from the outside. Progress seems to have stopped, even though inside things are still changing.

Then the internal walls are plastered, ceilings put in place, and fixtures and fittings appear. Still, from outside on the road we can’t see any of this happening and each time we walk past it looks exactly like it did the day before. No Change!

Then suddenly, almost overnight, progress.

The glass appears in the windows, lights are on, the garden is planted, grass is laid, the driveway is paved and amazingly this great house appears.

My point to all this is that change is often not visible. When we set a goal or a target and have a plan quite often there is a great start. Progress appears instantly, we’re motivated to get on with the build.

Then from the outside, it slows down but if we’re consistent, keep following the plan, get the right help (electricians, plumbers, plasterers) the important stuff happens inside.

If we don’t follow the plan, deal with the problems and obstacles as they inevitably come up what happens?

A half-finished house – what a waste!

But, if we carry on, slow and steady then one day, someone, notices! They walk past and see this amazing house that’s been built (or the amazing change that’s happened to you) and they say WOW!

Even if you’re not building a new house from scratch but have moved home you’ll be making changes so the same rules apply.

Don’t worry when there appears to be no progress on the outside. Keep following the plans, engaging the right people when you need to (or DIY!) and one day it will all be worth it.

Working in the area of Health and Fitness and I see the same patterns with my clients when they want to ‘ build their new house / new them’. Plans are made, foundations are laid (often a frustrating part) and then we have great progress.

The hard part comes when the internal work has to begin. Think of this as the self-belief, the motivation, the courage, the consistency.

When progress is not visible on the outside the inside stuff can be frustrating.

This is where I help my clients to see that the small things are often the most important, having the courage to keep going and being consistent will eventually result in visible progress.

Getting fit, losing weight, improving your health, becoming more flexible, strengthening your muscles, improving your core  – whatever it is – it all takes hard work. It doesn’t happen overnight but with a strong foundation, a great plan, and a help it can happen.

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