Boost your Immune system in seconds!

You made it, you got through January!!

Have you noticed the evenings drawing out and the birds are starting to sing again in the mornings? 

I’ve seen Snowdrops and Primroses and lots of fresh new buds on the trees.  It just proves….we ARE getting there.

The saying…’This Too Shall Pass’ is my daily mantra. 

That and…”I have everything that I need, right here, right now” are programmed into my brain when I wake up in the morning.

Even when I feel that dread or worry of another day, I make myself say those two sayings until I feel more positive.

Studies have shown that creating a positive message in our thoughts leads to many health benefits:

As per this article from

3 Scientific Studies That Prove the Power of Positive Thinking
Three studies in peer-reviewed journals found that positive thinking is good for the immune system, reduces anxiety, and increases positive emotions such as happiness. Positive thinking has been shown to be particularly beneficial when you are going ‘through the wire.’ When your life feels completely out of control, this powerful habit can set into motion a chain of events over which you have complete and total control. For example, positive thinking triggers positive emotions such as joy, interest, contentment, pride, and love.

Looking after your immune system is paramount in these trying times and you can do this in many ways:
 eating well, sleeping, exercising and paying attention to our breathing.

Thinking different thoughts is something we can all do in a second (whereas, exercise may take a bit more motivation and time!!).

There is always a turnaround to a negative outlook so next time you hear that grouchy voice, ask yourself:

How else can I see this situation?

Or if that doesn’t work.  Focus on something in your life which is positive and makes you happy – such as hearing the birds sing or a lighter evening and longer day!