The best way to follow a plan.

Following a plan is always the best thing to have when you have a goal.

The plan will:

keep you on track; as you generally have a timeframe to work to.

It keeps you motivated; you’ll see progress as you tick things off the list.

You can plan for obstacles or issues in advance; saving you time and sometimes money!

And it gives you structure.

BUT before you start to put the plan together I think it’s always good to ‘ Simplify’.

If you’re anything like me you have many brilliant ideas!

You’re excited, it’s going to be amazing and you just can’t wait to start.


…the doubts creep in, those pesky voices in your head start to talk, they tell you how hard it’s going to be or remind you that you’ve tried this before and you’ve ALWAYS failed.

The task then seems so immense that you get overwhelmed, you start to procrastinate, worry and stress and then the plan does not even get started.

Let’s take getting fit as an example.

In theory, it’s pretty easy.


You just start exercising on a regular basis. Simple?


But then you need to decide what to do, when to do it, how long to do it for, how often you’ll need to go, who will go with you…etc etc

All those things to think about.

Let’s simplify by changing the goal to match the plan.

I am going to be more active for the next couple of weeks.


Activity rather than exercise is much simpler; Just MOVE MORE, rather than having to sign up for a gym or research exercise classes in your local area.

It can be as easy as buying a fitness tracker and making sure you do 5,000 steps a day rather than the 2,000 you do at the moment.

You could do this by just going for a 10-minute walk every morning.

Will this start to improve your fitness?

You bet it will.

Follow the plan but keep it simple.


Once this plan has become part of your normal routine then you can take it to the next level…maybe 10,000 steps…maybe an exercise class once a week….maybe a YouTube Home Workout Video for 10 minutes twice a week….. Here’s one of mine you could try: