Best Laid Plans and all that……!



I thought I had it all mapped out.

I’d been asked to take run one of the Educational Slots at the Toastmasters Area contest on Sunday (quite an honour actually) and had also been asked to judge the speech contests in the afternoon.

I knew I was having my hair done on Friday so I’d use that time to put my slides together.

I almost didn’t bother and thought maybe I’ll just read magazines and chill but something made me get on and do them.

Saturday I’d planned to play a bit of Tennis, followed by a walk with a friend.

I’d practice my presentation later that day.

As it was supposed to be 30 minutes long AND I would be in front of other more experienced speakers, I wanted to be prepared.

How wrong I was….

I ended up with a migraine starting on the walk.

They completely wipe me out. I can’t think straight and talk rubbish. I feel very shaky and nauseous and the only thing to do is get to bed ASAP.

So, Saturday, I spent in bed. No practicing for me. By the evening I just couldn’t face it.

Sunday morning I just had to rock up and take a deep breath and go for it or I could back out?

Nah, that’s not me anymore.

Face the fear and do it anyway as the saying goes!

I knew that if I just stayed calm, played through the slides in my head and remembered what I’d written down as notes I’d be fine.

I was – phew!

Life’s lessons came in useful yesterday.

Stay Calm. Believe You Can and You Will!

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