Be Mindful


I recently read an interesting article by Dr Jillian from, Metabolic effect and it really got me thinking about being MINDFUL, and how such a simple technique can have a positive impact on our diets and Health & Fitness with very little effort.

Often I get asked what the ONE thing is that you can do to improve your gut health. Usually I can’t stand this question, but being the proverbial fly on the wall recently, I decided that there was a major missing factor in these people and gastric articulations.

The missing magic juice is simply this: mindfulness.

So, I suggest this: be mindful.

Be mindful of the foods you are eating: Do you eat a lot of allergenic foods? Do you use a lot of caffeine, flour or sugar products? Are you sensitive to fats or carbohydrates? Do you over consume particular foods and under consume others? Notice.

Be mindful of how the foods you eat make you feel: do they make your body feel good? Do they make your mind feel good? How do you feel when you don’t eat them? Do they trigger cravings? Do you use food for comfort? What do they do to your energy? Do they create belching or bloating or stomach aches?

Be mindful of the way you eat: What if I told you that good table manners were an aspect of digestive health? When you eat, sit down. Eat slowly, chewing your food well. Don’t talk with your mouth open. Minimize slurping. All of this, in addition to being a courtesy to your tablemates, reduces the amount of air you bring into your system, helps your body break down food better and balances your nervous system.

Bottom line: know your mind, know your food. Know the foods that make your body feel good, know the ones that make it feel less so. This way, it’s eyes wide open – you know what you are getting in to.

Mindfulness is being present, exactly in the moment, exactly with what you are doing in front of you – whether you are laying on a beach, eating some veggies, balancing your checkbook, doing your job, listening to a friend, whatever. Mindfulness is intentionally, fully, being there.

The trick to mindfulness is that there is no trick to mindfulness. It is something to practice, something to develop and cultivate, like any new habit or skill set. And the more you practice and do, the better you get. The more you learn and come to know for yourself. You become such an expert on yourself that you don’t need anyone – including me – to tell you where to look.

Mindfully Yours