Be Brave or Be Braver??

In 2016 I ran my first ever event – Midlife Mayhem – Reclaim Your Mojo!

It was the scariest thing I think I’ve ever had to do (well almost, there was one other event in my life which took much much more courage but that’s a whole other story).

The event was not for profit and all funds went to St Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley and I felt so very proud that I raised over £1000 for them.

This evening will stay with me always as one of the major turning points in my confidence and especially as an Entrepreneur.

I found my journal the other evening from 2016 and flipped it open tp the entry from that night:

Woah!! It’s over, it’s done and I did it. Yay yay yay! NO MORE will I not believe.   I can do this. Never again will I be scared. I ran a 26.2 mile marathon in 2011 and that was easy compared to these last 5 years. I feel amazing and really really proud. I know who I am NOW.. I AM ME’

Wow, when I read that back the other day it bought tears to my eyes and it also made me sit up and think… much have I been showing up as ME these past 2 and a bit years?

When I stood in front of those 80+ people I shared my story and bared my soul and it was an epiphany for me.

Earlier this year I also stood on another stage and shared even more of the story, more deeply and more honestly.

What both of these events have made me realize is that I’m ready to bring back Midlife Mayhem, only this time It’s going to be much bigger and get deeper.

Having learned so much over the last couple of years and delved much deeper into the human mind I know so much more now that I need to share.

No matter what you’re feeling stuck with:

Your relationships

Your friendships

Never having enough money

Being unhappy with how you look

Or being dissatisfied with your career.

Let me assure you, there is ALWAYS another way to look at things.

Whilst you may not be able to change the actual situation;  you can’t resign as the mortgage still has to be paid,  there are ways to become happier right now and appreciate what you have got.

There are ways to create more happiness and freedom in your life which don’t necessarily require a complete upheaval or great hurt to you or those around you.

Let me show you how.

I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned on my own journey.

Teach you the tips and techniques that I’ve studied and also picked up along the way from other experts and show you the way back to being You.

There are just 20 places available and tickets are on sale now.

The event will be hosted at The Ashdown Park Hotel and Country club set in the wonderful Ashdown Forest on Friday 23rd November.

You’ll get free access to their Spa, for the end of the day and maybe you could make a weekend of it and book a room?   (There’s a golf club, tennis courts, croquet lawn and many acres of land to explore so you could even bring your partner too!).

To book your ticket now just CLICK HERE: