Bad Hair Day? Don’t worry they won’t even notice!!

Midlife Mayhem


I’m reading a book at the moment called The DIScomfort Zone, written by Farrah Storr, Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan and the founder of Women’s Health Magazine.

(I was featured in that magazine a few years ago!!)

One of the things that she said was that although we think that people take full notice of us, they really only take notice of 50% of what you do / say / wear.

For example, if you believe you are having a particularly bad hair day, most people won’t even notice the difference!!

That’s really made me think, because if I want to get a message across then I’ll need to get it out there twice as often and it’s OK to repeat it.

I often feel I need to hear things 3,4 or even 5 times before they eventually sink in and even then sometimes it’s the way you hear the message that makes the difference.

This is where having a great Coach can come in.

They are able to help you to hear / feel and see what you need by asking questions that allow you to see things from different perspectives.

A great Coach will focus in on the ONE thing that needs to be resolved rather than attempting to solve EVERYTHING.

For example, if you feel like you never have enough time, that’s a pretty broad problem.

It’s only when you get down to the nitty-gritty of what the real problem is… more likely to be….

‘I make myself busy all the time as I don’t want to face the fact I need to get my finances in order.’

( You can get even deeper than this, believe me)

Then you can start to work on the solution to the REAL problem.

Do you have ONE thing that is really causing you to feel stuck right now? Something that stopping you from moving forward in your life but you can’t figure out what to do?

Then book a Clarity Session with me and let me help you.

I have 4 x 60-minute sessions available for the next 2 weeks only.

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This is what Carey, a client of mine said after our first session a few months ago:

“Lisa has the ease of an old friend yet the ability to challenge where you need it. Even our pre-session chat about distant goals brought them into sharper focus. She set me one simple fun exercise and this really helped to sort out in my mind and prioritise what I wanted. I was looking for some direction in one area, but unexpectedly gained and insight into other things. All in all, a really positive experience”.

Let’s get Clarity on the real problem and I will help you define the strategy to move around the obstacles that are in your way.