Avoiding Back Pain when Gardening – my top tips. by Lisa Moore, Owner at Fit For Moore


Over my years as a Personal Trainer I’ve noticed that when the weather get’s better and the sun comes out client’s tend to suffer more with lower back pain, especially if they’re keen gardeners.  I’ve done it myself where the day after I’ve been in the garden tidying up , I get out of bed the following day and my hamstrings are screaming and lower back is sore. If you want to avoid this then follow my top tips below.

Enjoy your garden without the pain

1. Warm Up

You wouldn’t start a heavy weights session or in fact any exercise session without a warm up would you? So just spend a few minutes warming up the body before you start pulling up the weeds and digging.

2. Keep Hydrated

Fill up your water bottle and take it out in the garden with you.

3. Don’t do too much

Take a rest often and if you’re getting tired, STOP. It’s so tempting to just keep going but you’ll regret it tomorrow if you do.

4. Practice good technique

As we teach you at our Private studio, good form is so important. If you’re digging / chopping / cutting / then make sure you keep your knees bent and you are not standing in an awkward position that will hurt your back.

5. Engage the core

Make sure your pelvic floor is engaged and tummy muscles are helping you when lifting / pushing and pulling

6. Stretch

As with all workouts it’s so important to stretch out when you’re all done. Work up through the body, holding each stretch for at least 20 seconds and then a nice hot bath or shower.

Most of all make sure you remember to sit down afterwards and admire your hard work! If you’re longing to get out in the garden but know that you’ve not been active over the winter and know that your body needs some conditioning then give us a call to chat to one of our trainers about our programs.  We can get you strong and mobile again and teach you the right way to move your body to avoid injury.

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