Are You Trudging Your Way Through Life?

I’ve met many ladies over the years who see their lives as a trudge and I’ve been there too at times.

Every day you wake up and just think ‘ oh god, it’s another day, I have SO much to do and there’s nothing to look forward to’.

Each day it’s the same old stuff and none of it is really for your pleasure, you’re serving everyone else around you and getting lots and lots done but it feels like you just never get it all done.

The demands from others are too much, they don’t appreciate or respect you and yet if you say anything then you just feel guilty for letting them done. After all, it’s your job to do all this stuff right??


Deep within you, there’s a quiet voice telling you that it’s not enough, that there’s more to life than this, that you can be happy and contended and you don’t have to do it all.

Then there are the other louder, shouty voices telling you to shut up and be quiet. To do as you’re told and get on with it, that you don’t deserve anything else and that you’re not good enough.

Somehow over the years, YOU have got lost.

I got lost too. I remember thinking to myself I’m just a mum now.

I can’t go back to work in an office, everyone will find out that I’m just a fraud.   I was never good at my job anyway and I certainly didn’t deserve to earn the salary that I did.

All I’m good for is cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking and shopping and looking after the children.

I’d look at all these other women who appeared to have it all.

They were full of confidence, energy and vigour.

They were perfect, clever, intelligent and could do it all.

Who was I? Just a mum who’d given up her job and just taught a few fitness classes in the local village hall.

Life was one big trudge.

Not anymore though!!

Over the years things have changed…pretty dramatically too but that’s another story!

I’ve worked with many women since, some mum ’s, some with no children, some with grandchildren, some without. Some are divorced and single parents ( like me ) and some are married, happily and unhappily.

These ladies trudge through their life. They’re stuck and have lost who they truly are.

They wake up tired with bodies achy, tired and lethargic and no reason for it. Today it’s their legs that ache, tomorrow it’ll be their knees or their back and there’s no explanation for it. They know they want to change but there is always a but….

Life does NOT need to be like this. YOU have a choice; in fact, you have 2 choices.

  1. Accept it and stay where you are (I wouldn’t recommend this!) or

That something might be the scariest thing you’ve ever done. It might feel like a mountain to trudge up but remember the view at the top is AMAZING!

I got to the top of my mountain and have climbed many more since.

The view is spectacular!

Some of them I’ve climbed on my own, finding my own way but many of them I’ve had help. Some have pushed me up (there was some resistance at times!) others have pulled.   Some have just held my hand and joined me on my journey.

We all need support and help and can’t do it alone.

With everything I have learned (not only on my own personal journey) but also through training, and experience I have developed a 4 Week Program called The Escape Route which I promise will get you to the top of your very first mountain.

If you want to stop trudging through life and feel differently this program is for you.

If you want to be that lady full of confidence, energy and vigour this program is for you.

If you want to stop feeling guilty and trying to be everything to everyone then this program is for you.

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