7 Day guide to Health and Fitness

So here we go with another 7 Day Guide and for those of you with Children at school or if you’re a Grandparent you’ll know it’s Half Term this week.  This means maybe you’re getting away from it and having a family break or you’ve got even more juggling to do by managing Childcare.  I myself have 2 children so today I’ve taken some time out and am now working at home whilst the children are playing with friends upstairs!  I’m relying on my lovely mum tomorrow and then a friend is having them on Friday.  This means I’ve got to fit in my usual hours into different slots and also my workouts too, I will fit them in though as they’re important to me and will also make me feel human again.

So if you’ve got children to manage this week don’t just give up on your workouts try and fit them around or get them involved too.

Day 1: Take time out to figure out you diary for this week and schedule in your workouts.  Do for small intense sessions between 10 – 15 minutes.

Try this, start off with 2 reps of each and add 2 each circuit so you start with

2 x Jumping Jacks, 2 x Offset Press up, 2x Squat Jumps, 2 x Spiderman Climb, 2 x Reverse Curls, 2 x Split Jumps, 2 x Burpees….then you do 4 each, then 6, 8, 10…. go for as many as you can.

Remember to warm up & cool down and stretch at the end.

Day 2: Long Walk / Cycle

Day 3: Try a new recipe today. If you have them maybe get the children/ grandchildren involved in the process.  Let them help decide on what to cook, they can google a recipe choosing yours or their favourite meat or fish.

Day 4: Workout again, maybe reverse Day 1 and start at the maximum number and work backwards

Day 5: Try some meditation or Reading out load from a story book, chill out time is SO important

Day 6: Get physical, fancy doing a 5K in the summer well now is a good time to start training.  If you’ve not run before start slowly, walk a few minutes then jog or run for 1 minute, then repeat.

Day 7:  PLAN, PLAN, PLAN – you’ve got another 7 days to look forward to, think about how far you’ve come so far and keep on going….