7 Day Guide – it’s February already!

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It’s hard to believe we’re already into the second month of the year and as it’s the shortest month no doubt it’ll be March before we know it.

The plan for these weekly blogs is to give those people who want improve their health and fitness access to information which will help them to lose weight, lose fat and improve their health. By the end of the year I will have written 52 of these which means you will have access to 52 free workouts.

Day 1 – Review then Workout Day. Congratulations. (If you started following a better lifestyle on January 1st, this will be your 32nd day of the year and that new journey.

So today, take time to assess your progress and review your lifestyle, comparing yourself now to your health and wellness on January 1st.

And if your progress is slower than expected, review your performance in the most important aspect of fat loss: your nutrition.
Are you willing to get serious about your nutrition in order to achieve your fat loss goals?
Are you willing to log your food intake in a daily diary?

The truth is, I receive a lot of emails from people who are stuck, but they haven’t made the necessary nutrition changes. You can’t eat fast food and beer and expect to reach your goals.
You can’t skip breakfast and expect to lose fat. And you can’t avoid vegetables and expect to breakthrough your fat loss plateaus.

Make the changes and you will succeed – I’ve seen this work too many times to believe anything different.

Here’s the workout  – we’re doing some Metabolic Chains this week! ( Video’s coming soon….)

Exercise 1: – Body Weigh Squat with Overhead Dumbbell Press

Exercise 2: Body Weight Lunge with Lateral Raise

Exercise 3: Body Weigh Press / Push Up with Dumbbell Row

Exercise 3: Crunch with Dumbbell Curl

For this workout you’re going to add a repetition to each of the weighted exercise so it goes like this……1 rep squat followed by 1 Rep Overhead press, then 1 rep Squat followed by 2 Reps Overhead, then 1 Rep Squat followed by 3 Reps Overhead press.  chain this up to 5 Repetitions then start again at 1.  Aim for 3 – 4 chains

Day 2 – Go for a long walk if you can, or if you can’t do a long one then download an app that you can use as a Pedometer and aim for 12,000 steps today.  Try Moves or Walkmeter GPS
Day 3 – Workout Day. Increase your weights if you can and try this weeks workout again,  Remember to rest when you need to.
Day 4 – 30 minutes of activity. If you’ve not got a specific class, PT or Small Group session booked in today then follow the Workout about. Remember to step it up a bit from last week the chains will certainly make the difference.
Day 5 – Book some time to meet with your friends, go bowling, book a badminton court or go dancin’  Try to avoid the pub!
Day 6 – Why not try a Park Run today?  There is one held every Saturday at Clair Park in Haywards Heath and many other local towns.  It’s a 5k for all the family and you can walk or run, there’s no competition and it won’t take up too much of your time.
Day 7 – You know the routine by now. Plan, shop, prepare. Add a new fruit or vegetable to your shopping trolley this week too – go on!
Improve at every opportunity,