6 Reasons why we ALL need a Coach.

1. Someone to talk to

We all need someone to talk to, to talk things through with and to bounce ideas off. But, sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone who is not that close to us or who is part of our family of friends network. Someone that doesn’t necessarily know all of the baggage that comes with us but who can listen and hear what you are truly saying rather than having pre-built perceptions based on everything they already know about you.

Over time, your coach will obviously get to know more about you. You will share past experiences, challenges, and success but these will always be shared from your point of view. They weren’t there with you so can have no other view other than what you share.

Friends and family generally ‘know’ us in many different ways, they’ve shared experiences with us, seen us make mistakes and seen us succeed. They will have their point of view and so sometimes talking to someone so close doesn’t allow us to truly open up, be honest and ask the questions that we’re longing to ask.

 2. Accountability

A great coach will keep you accountable.

They’ll set you tasks to do with an expectation of when they should be completed. At your next meet up (either face to face or virtually ) they’ll want to review with you how you’re getting on.

Generally having this deadline makes us take action or if we don’t then we at least then have the chance to explain why we didn’t do it or recognize that maybe we need further help.

You can’t get away with ‘ oh I’ll get round to it later ‘ or ‘ I haven’t got the time right now ‘ or ‘ what’s the point in doing that?’

They’ll keep you on track and more importantly discuss with you why you’re struggling to complete a certain task.

If you never have a deadline to do something by then what gives you the purpose to do it?


 3. Education

Coaches have training and experience in certain disciplines, be it a Life Coach, Sports or Nutrition Coach or Personal Trainer. There are many different types of coaches.

They may even have been through the same experience that you have (perhaps set up their own business or been through a huge life change ) and can therefore, offer invaluable knowledge on what they learned on their journey.

It’s always helpful to speak to others who have ‘ been there and done it’. A coach who can share positive and negative aspects of their experience, who can point you in the direction of where you may need to go to get the information you need.

Don’t expect your coach to be someone that hands you everything on a plate, if they do then you’ll never learn to do it yourself.

4. Honesty

Taking a long hard look in the mirror is a hard thing to do and it doesn’t come naturally to us as human beings.

Your coach, however, can do this for you. They can give an honest and objective view on where you are right now.

Evaluation is key to learning and feedback is so important to us. Having joined Toastmasters myself with a view to get better at Public Speaking, the most important part of the meeting is always the evaluations.

Think about it. If you’ve ever given a talk or speech and received no feedback from anyone after the event it’s left to you alone to decide how well you did.   If the audience were quiet, and didn’t give you any visual or verbal feedback during your speech you may have left the room feeling deflated and thought that they hated you and your speech was rubbish.

However, if someone had been able to give you valuable feedback on your talk, maybe telling you that the speech was very thought provoking and that it touched them personally, might you have left the room with another view?

Objective, honest and non-judgemental feedback will allow you to make changes and see things perhaps from a different perspective.


5. Saves you time & money

How many times have you invested in things that turned out to be a waste of money?

Maybe you bought particular products that had promised brilliant results – the Ab-Curl Roller springs to mind here?!

A coach can often suggest a better, faster way or simpler way to reach your goal without wasting too much money and time.

Through their knowledge and experience, they can save you time on researching and also offer advice on where to go to obtain the knowledge or information you need.


6. Improved focus and confidence

Combined with all of the points above your coach will keep your focused on your goals and they will increase your confidence to succeed.

Having a coach isn’t something you have to have all the time.

There will also be times in your life where the coach you have been working with no longer fulfills your requirements.

The great thing is you will have learned what you need from this person and be ready and able to find the next person to hold your hand and to move on to the next step of your journey.

You many even find at times that you’ll have more than one coach, working on different aspects of your life or become a coach yourself!



Introducing ‘Midlife Mayhem’ a 10 Week Coaching Program

I am designing a new ‘Midlife Mayhem’ 10-week coaching program and am looking to work with 5 local ladies who want to change their lives.

The program is not just about weight loss, exercise or nutrition but goes deeper into the issues that affect a lot of women when they reach their 40’s, 50’s & 60’s.

At this stage life gets really busy due to; children, grandchildren, families, and work.

Women’s bodies change due to the Peri-Menopause, Menopause or even after an early menopause hits.

Sleep becomes a problem.

They struggle to lose weight like they used to, body shape becomes less feminine and tummies get larger and confidence diminishes.

These ladies are crazy busy with never enough time yet they are trying to do everything and they put themselves at the bottom of the priority list. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE else comes first.


My coaching program will cover;


Mindset – including; confidence building, managing and growing self-esteem, increasing motivation and growing willpower and much more.

Exercise – Finding the right exercise that works and fits in their schedule,

Hormones and Metabolism  – How these change as we age.

Healthy and Nutritious Eating – NOT dieting

Stress Management

‘ME’ Management – How to make ME your number1 priority, WITHOUT the guilt.



If you or anyone you know recognizes the symptoms of ‘ Midlife Mayhem ‘ and would be interested in having a chat with me about enrolling on this program then please get in touch, either on email lisa@fitformoore.co.uk or by phone 01444 847951 and we can arrange a date to meet.