5 Ways to stay Hydrated this Summer

We all know that it’s important to stay hydrated, especially when the weather gets hot but having a glass of water is sometime such a bore!
Here are some other ways in which you can take in fluids.

stay hydrated

1) Eat Raw Veggies
Most raw vegetable are packed with water and in the summer there are loads of different varieties to choose from. Things like Celery, baby carrots, Sugar Snap peas are all bursting with flavour, nutrients and water. If you keep a stash of these in the fridge, pre-washed and prepared you will always have some to grab. Plus you get extra benefit from the fiber contacted within these vegetable which will help keep you filled up, diminish sugar cravings and keep you regular too!

2) Watermelon
Bit of a no brainer here as there’s a clue in the name but all melons, not just watermelon are full of water. You can add a sprinkle of lime juice and a favourite for me ( reminds me of my mum ) is to put some ginger on top.

3) Squeeze Lemons
Many people are a fan of a slice of Lemon in hot water for their first drink of the day. His is refreshing and hydrating but in the warmer weather you might not want hot lemon. It’s just as good served cold, full of Vitamin C and delicious. Cut and squeeze half a lemon and add to a bottle of water which you can keep near you during the day.

4) Make Flavoured Ice cubes
I read recently in the Amelia Freer book a great idea of making flavoured Ice Cubes that you can add to your water. Things like Mint and Cucumber, lemon balm and ginger, Basil, Rosemary or puree some berries and freeze half to make a half cube and then add water later to make a full cube. They look really pretty and taste good too!
Another good option is to freeze Coconut Water which is readily available now in most supermarkets. Coconut has loads of Potassium, B vitamins, magnesium and electrolytes so a great thing to add to your post-workout drink. Especially if it’s been a sweaty one!

5) Freeze bananas
Bananas like Coconut contain lots of potassium which is great for replacing electrolytes which we lose through sweating. Unfortunately in the summer bananas also ripen very quickly to this is a way of using them at their best. Simply pop into the freezer and consume when you want one, you can even use a wooden kebab skewer turning it into an ice pop and I guess you could add some chocolate sprinkles on top for a bit of indulgence. 70% cocoa of course!

Be great to hear some of your ideas on how else to keep hydrated so drop me an email lisa@fitformoore.co.uk or leave a comment on this page for us.