5 things you MUST do to succeed.


1)   Mindset

It’s so important to be in the right place mentally if you’re going to start a fitness program or any instigate any change in your life.  The people who succeed are the ones that ‘really want it’, their commitment level is 100% and they have made up their minds that this is something they want to achieve badly.  I’m sure you’ve all met smokers who like to say they’re giving up but after 2 or 3 days they’re back smoking again.  This is usually because they aren’t in the right mindset and don’t really want to do it.

2)   Take Personal Responsibility

Might seem like an obvious thing to say but we’re all guilty of blaming others when things go wrong.  I hear things like ‘ oh my friends just kept going on at me so I had a few glasses of wine’ or ‘ well my husband had a bad day at work so we decided that we should get a take-away to make him feel better’.  Stop blaming others, take responsibility for your actions and stick to your plan.  No-one should judge you for wanting to get fit or lose weight so don’t let them influence you.  If you do fall off the wagon, it’s YOUR fault and nobody elses!

3)   Put in the diary ( Yes you do have time!)

So simple but so many people don’t do this.  They assume that each week they’ll just fit it in.  I’m sure you put important things in your diary like going to the Dentist / Hairdressers or Doctors and you make time to see friends and family.  Refer back to 1&2 – you’ve made up your mind to do this, you’re going to take personal responsibility, this is important to you.  Schedule the time in your diary and STICK to it.  Don’t let things get in the way, you’re health is just as important.  Imagine if you didn’t have your health, or you hurt yourself?  You’d have to make time to visit the doctors / osteopath / physio etc to get better wouldn’t you?

4)   Get the right Kit

We all know that being dressed for the part can make us feel part of something.  If you were in a football team but turned up in an odd T-Shirt and shorts that didn’t match everyone else you wouldn’t feel part of the team and more than likely wouldn’t play your best.  Regardless of if you’re starting a training program on your own, with a team, with a friend or Personal Trainer if you dress the part you’re half way there.  Plus if you’ve spent out some money on the right Kit you’ll want to get your money’s worth out of it!

5)   Set your goals

Knowing where you want to get to is very important.  You wouldn’t start a journey in the car just randomly driving in no particular direction.  Think about what you want to achieve (Step 1) then think about why you want to achieve it (Step 2).  Measure where you are now (Step 3) and then make a plan on how you’re going to get there (Step 4).


Make sure you don’t have too many goals as you’ll get overwhelmed.  Two or three is plenty for anyone. Make sure it’s achievable and you have a timescale.  ( Think SMART goals ). This is where having a trainer can really help as they can talk through the goals with you and make sure they’re realistic – wanting to lose 2 stone in a month is just not sensible.  Then they will provide you with a plan to get there, keep you accountable and provide the support you need as you progress.


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