5 Reasons why working out outdoors is good for you!

Here are 5 good reasons why outdoor training brings so much more to your workout


1) The Weather – If it’s sunny then that’s brilliant but don’t forget you’ll get much hotter especially if it’s an intense workout.  Your body has to work harder to control the temperature and therefore uses up more energy in doing so. Rain can be fun, it keeps you cool and you’ll laugh at everyone getting muddy and bedraggled. Snow…well that’s a whole new ball game.


2) Fresh Air – Studies have shown though that you get great benefits from working out in the fresh air. Your body makes Vitamin D from sunlight which helps you to absorb calcium, making stronger bones, nails and teeth.


3) Psychological Benefits – Your mood improves in the sunlight, so if you suffer from depression or SAD syndrome this will help greatly.


4) Mental Stimulation – The constant changing surroundings will stimulate your brain to make you more alert.


5) More variation – With different obstacles, gradients and surfaces your workout will challenge your body in a completely different way to the workouts indoors where the surface is flat.


Our outdoor sessions will be held at Beechurst in Haywards Heath, a lovely setting with plenty of natural obstacles to make your workout fun and varied and there is also a covered area that we are able use if it really does pour down.


We will be providing you with an 8 week plan which will cover nutrition, lifestyle and Exercises to do at home. You can also add in some additional training sessions at our private studio in Haywards Heath if you’re really looking to make changes to your body.


If you’re interested to know more click here to register your interest and we’ll be in touch shortly. Spaces are limited and we start on June 2nd so don’t delay, book your space today.