4 Tips to Recharge your Willpower Battery


Tip 1: Don’t set yourself too many goals.

Doing this just leads to overwhelm and you end up achieving nothing. Make your priority to just tackle 1-2 things and focus on these 100%.

Tip 2: Understand that Willpower is really all about ‘WHY’power.

It’s so easy to set yourself goals…

‘I want to lose weight’

‘I want to get fitter’

‘I want to be healthier’

You might even drill these down further and say

‘I want to lose 2 stone by April’

‘I want to run my first Park run 5K in May’

Great goals BUT why are they so important to you?

How will you feel when you achieve them?

What will be different in your life?

Will you stand taller, have more confidence and be able to tackle bigger goals as your proved to yourself ( & maybe others ) that YOU CAN DO IT??


It’s not the goals that’s important it’s WHY you want to achieve that goal that will charge your Will power battery.


Tip 3: Figure out the things that drain your battery.

Start by thinking about the things that you put in your way ;

Running out of time ( booking too much in your diary?)

Taking on too much ( fear of saying NO perhaps?),

Not getting enough rest ( staying up to watch TV or Social Media?).

These are all things that YOU CONTROL but YOU let get in the way and they drain your battery.


Then think about WHO drains your battery?   (Hard one this one but maybe your partner doesn’t support you or always tells you that you’ll never do it. Maybe you have a friends who you love dearly but every time you see them you come away completely drained by their negative chatter.)


Think about environments that may drain your battery;

Loud, hot and stuffy environments or maybe when you’re all alone and it’s too quiet and all you can then hear is the negative chatter in your head ?


Work out what has the biggest impact on your battery and drains it the quickest.

Then  plan how to avoid or limit them.


Tip 4: Don’t be ALL or NOTHING.

If you try to achieve your goal in one go chances are you’ll fail.

You’ll be overwhelmed and will fall if not at the first hurdle but certainly by the 2nd or 3rd.

If you’re aim is to do more exercise don’t set yourself the goal to go to the gym 5 days a week but maybe try to go once or twice a week.

Get yourself a fitness tracking device and just move more – see what your usual number of steps is per day and then try and do an extra thousand on a regular basis. Once you’ve reached this goal go to the next thousand.


Small goals are much easier to achieve than a great big one!


Oh and one other Tip for you.


Celebrate each step you take, give yourself a pat on the back and recognise what you’ve achieved and FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT. This will charge your battery even more!


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