Your 4 most importants C’s:

I’ve been putting together a list recently, my A-Z of Stepping stones leading you to a life that thrives NOT declines!


Some letters have proved much easier than others ( you can imagine that X was rather challenging! ) but the letter C really made me think.


There are 4 distinct C’s that I thought were worth writing about now.


  • Choices
  • Consequences
  • Courage
  • Consistency

These 4 words really link together – Why?


Everyday, we make conscious and subconscious choices.

Many of these choices have become habits, ingrained in our psyche for years and years and we don’t even think about them.

Things like:

We always clean our teeth at the same time each day

We always put our clothes on in the same order

We put our right foot into our shoes before our left etc etc.

There are also other choices that we make that don’t always serve us well. Such as always having cereal for breakfast, buying the same food every week, always ‘having’ to watch TV in the evening before we go to bed.


If one of your goals is to improve your health it’s important to pay attention to the choices you make on a daily basis. By being aware of these choices it will give you clues to what may need to change to reach your desired outcome.


This is where Consequences come in! Consequences of our choices.

What effect does buying the same food each week have on your weight or digestion?

Do you think you might be lacking in certain vitamins and minerals?

Are you having a balanced diet or does the food you choose leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable?

Have you ever even noticed how you feel after you’ve eaten??

The other consequences might be that because the TV is on every night you end up falling asleep on the sofa before dragging yourself upstairs to bed. The consequence of that being that you then don’t fall asleep or find yourself wide awake because the snooze you had downstairs refreshed you (a bit) and now your brain is ready for action. (By the way, the bright lights of the TV won’t have helped either!!)


Now comes the Courage part. Courage also equals Bravery.

Making changes is NOT EASY.

Mainly, due to our physiology.

Did you know that within the Limbic System of the brain (the area that manages our emotions!) we have a gland called the Amygdala?

The Amygdala’s job is to keep us safe and maintain the status quo.

If it senses that you’re trying to change something, by eating differently, it will send alarm signals to your body and your brain.   You will struggle with the change, it will feel odd and awkward and it might feel physically and/ or emotionally painful.


Try doing one of these:


  • When you go to bed tonight sleep on the other side of the bed from the one you usually sleep on. Trust me it will feel weird (plus your other half might get a bit peeved too!)


  • You could also try putting your clothes on in a different order – that’ll feel just as odd


  • Or, start doing some exercise that you either have never done before or haven’t done for a while. (That’ll probably kick off the physical pain alarm bell!!)


What usually happens is we give up, we let our brain and our mind control us because it just gets too hard. So you need Courage to go with it, to just keep trying…


Which means being Consistent!


Consistency is everything. Consistency forms habits.


Your habits should be your CHOICES!


So take a look at your 4 C’s


What Choices are you making that are not serving you well today?


What are the Consequences of your choices?


Be Courageous, be brave and take action….just remember to be Consistent!