20 Signs You Had A Good Year (Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It)


Courtesy of Mindbodygreen

1. You focused more on what you wanted than on what you didn’t.

2. You took risks, even in the face of fear. Despite the outcome, you know you did what was right for you.

3. You fell short of certain goals, but you’re okay with that, because you love who you’ve become in the process of trying.

4. You’re capable of celebrating how far you’ve come.

5. You haven’t worried about things you can’t change. You trust that you’re right where you need to be to get where you want to go.

6. You take yourself less seriously than you used to. You can laugh at yourself and find humor in most situations.

7. You have forgiven your past and let go of unnecessary anger.

8. You smile more — even when you’re alone.

9. You enjoy spending time with yourself. You’re working on becoming your own best friend.

10. You can appreciate the moment. You’re more patient than you use to be.

11. You’ve relinquished your need to know the answers or outcome. Instead, you enjoy the adventure of the journey.

12. You focus more on reasons for doing things instead of the results you see.

13. You know your dreams matter and the world needs what you have.

14. You’ve opened your heart by showing more of your true self to those you love.

15. You no longer define yourself by your achievements or outside influences; you know you matter and are enough as you are.

16. You’ve stopped comparing yourself to others (or have at least made progress) because you like who you are much more.

17. You don’t overreact as much as you used to. Instead, you focus more on the big picture.

18. You believe in your future self and are proud of the direction you are heading in.

19. You’ve released your expectations, and instead you trust (or are trying to trust) divine timing in all areas of your life.

20. You no longer force anything. When it’s right, you know.