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Want to have more energy, motivation and confidence?

When I left school Health and Fitness was not my main job ( I started working for a Bank! ) but it soon became part of my life.

From the age of 17, I’d induct people into the gym at the leisure centre.  Every Sunday, I’d be there showing a new set of people how to use the equipment and talking to them about their goals.

The women wanted to lose weight and tone up and the men wanted to get muscles!!  Not much has changed really!!

Since then, I’ve studied, attended courses and conferences, read and listened to many, many books.

I am fascinated with the mind, the body and health in general and I love to consume new ideas.

My mission in life, is to help people to feel great, ( physically, mentally & emotionally ) to have plenty of energy and positivity, to feel fulfilled in their daily lives.

I don’t want to help you get a six-pack because quite frankly I don’t believe that a six-pack is going to bring you deep fulfillment and happiness!  ( but if that’s what you want, then I guess I can probably help LOL).

For me, it’s how you feel on the inside that is more important. 

Isn’t it more important for you to wake up with no aches and pains and full of energy, ready for the day ahead?

To have a strong, flexible and healthy body that can do everything you want it to?

(Walk, run, swim, garden, DIY, dance, yoga, reach things on high shelves, carry the shopping etc.)

To love your life, be excited by the prospect of the day ahead and feel completely at ease with who you are?

To be in control of your life, stress and guilt-free?

Those are all things that I can help you with.

I’m looking to work with people who want to feel like that, all the time.

Using the principles from my SHIP methodology we will formulate a plan that incorporates elements of Personal Training and Life Coaching.

We’ll work together in a way that is defined by you and your goals.

So, if weight is an issue, let me help you take the weight off your mind.

If you’re struggling with motivation or lacking confidence then that will be our focus.

And if it’s just that you want to feel more fulfilled, happy and at ease with who you are, we will create a plan for that.

Over four months we will work one to one (online for now) and I will design a program that will transform you into the person you want to become.

If you’re interested to find out more then please book a call with me here and then we can talk through how it will work for you:  Lisa’s Calendar


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After 20 years of no exercise and a decline in fitness and general wellbeing I decided it was finally time to do something about it and train myself back into shape. With the help of a good friend I have spent the last 18 months exercising and losing weight so that I am now the fittest I have been in the whole of my adult life. Now that I am where I want to be it is important that I maintain th