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Sweet Potato, chilli and coconut Soup

Sweet potato chilli and coconut Soup (Recipe supplied by Frootie Juices in Haywards Heath )

Sweet Potato, Coconut & Chilli Soup

Sweet Potato, Chilli & Coconut Soup

2 large sweet potatoes peeled n cubes
Red jalapeno chilli
100ml Coconut milk (can ok)
Small Red onion finely chopped
2 cloves Garlic minced
Tablespoon olive oil
1 litre Vegetable stock
Thyme rosemary 2 bay leaf

Instructions:  Sauté onions and garlic In olive oil
Add chilli
Stir to prevent scorching
Add sweet potato
Continue stirring
Add stock, herbs and seasoning

Cook until sweet potato is soft
Remove from heat and blend
Add coconut and stir thoroughly
Add water till reach desired consistency

To serve, heat and sprinkle some Omega 3 Seed Mix for added protein, vitamins and minerals.
WHY is this good for you?

Sweet potato is full of Vit A, B, C, D, iron and magnesium


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