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Exclusive Personal Training

One to One Personal training is all about YOU; YOUR needs, YOUR nutrition and YOUR goals.

Fit For Moore have been training Sussex Residents in excess of 20 years and in that time have helped 100’s of people to lose weight, improve their health and increase their fitness and we can do that for you.

Our programmes are designed around and where you are right now in your life.  We understand that life is busy and that there are other factors which need to be taken into account but with our Hoilisitic approach we can provide you with a programme that will get you the results you deserve.

Are you…

  • Feb up with not being able to wear the clothes you love?
  • Lacking in confidence as you hate the way you look?
  • Always trying the latest ‘ diet ‘ and losing weight only to gain it back again and more?
  • Feeling tired and exhausted all the time?
  • Finding it hard to Sleep?
  • Avoiding having your photo taken as you don’t like the way you look?
  • Desperate to get the fitness back you had when you were younger?
  • Worried about your health?
  • Lean, Toned and fit – you will have the WOW factor!

Have you tried to get fit and start an exercise program but….

  • Find a Gym environment intimidating?
  • Have no idea what to do or how to do it?
  • Lack the motivation and drive to start?
  • Need someone to help and guide you?

Many times we have people come to us who have tried ‘everything’ and things have worked for a while but somehow they slip back into old habits or don’t have that accountability and support provided by a Personal Trainer.

We also have a lot of people who come to use because they know that the only way for them to get their fitness and health back on track is to have that support and accountability.

With our holistic approach to training we look at every aspect that will impact your overall health: Nutrition: Stress : Sleep: Lifestyle: Exercise and Mindset .

At our Private Personal Training Studio in Haywards Heath we will provide you with Motivation, Support and Accountability.  We’re 100% confident that we can help you and to prove this we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.


1. What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program? I have tried so many diets, slimmers world did work for me however I put the weight back on again which is nothing new. I want to get fit, in the past my fitness has been good and I have been able to meet and exceed most fitness challenges with no trouble. 2. What results have you achieved since starting your program?