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Personal Private Coaching

“Lisa is a great non-judgemental listener and is able to make yourself question the excuses you can find to protect yourself. I always turn to her when I seek balance and motivation help.” Helen Powell



Our mIssion is..

To Inspire women in their 40’s, and beyond to live the life that they truly want and not one they feel is expected of them by ditching their guilt, listening to their instincts and looking after their physical, emotional and mental health.

Passionate about helping women to re-evaluate their beliefs.  Their work together results in huge increases in confidence, energy and motivation.  She coaches women to pursue their dreams without feeling like they’re letting anyone down, or being selfish and helping them to get that clarity on what they really want their life to be like.

‘I truly believe that we are only on this planet for a short amount of time and we must not waste time worrying about what others think or allowing our internal fears or thoughts hold us back from pursuing our dreams.’  Lisa

Having worked in the corporate world for over 15 years, as well as a Personal Trainer, Holistic Therapist and Coach in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years, Lisa has immense experience in understanding people their habits, behaviours and mindset.  She understands exactly what holds them back and what propels them forward.  

Her personal journey with Imposter Syndrome, Divorce and Single Parenting led her to the world of Professional Speaking and she truly believes that sharing our stories is the first step to healing and transformation.

“I believe wholeheartedly that ‘Health‘ is the most important thing that we own.”  Lisa


“Lisa has a very positive and supportive coaching style. I have never felt bored, judged or intimidated by her. I would say she exudes a lovely inclusive energy and brings out the best in people. Who could ask for more from a coach?”  Sarah





How we see ourselves manifests in our health: lack of energy can manifest as low mood and lead to a detrimental effect on physical, mental and emotional health.  Everything is linked, health is not just about physical fitness or nutrition but how we talk to ourselves inside and how we talk to others outside.  It really is all-encompassing.

Lisa’s true gift lies in helping you uncover the areas that are holding you back, allowing you to see and feel things differently and she does this in an authentic, kind, and supportive way.

Are you…

  • Worried about putting yourself first – you feel guilty for letting others down or just feel that others should come first?
  • Lacking in confidence as you hate the way you look or feel?
  • Feeling tired and exhausted all the time?
  • Find it hard to create good habits and you fall back into old habits really easily?
  • Frustrated and angry that your life is not how you imagined it would be?
  • Know you want to do more with your life but something is holding you back – it feels too hard?
  • Longing to be Lean, Toned and fit again?

Have you tried but….

  • Find there is always a reason why you can’t – too much to do, other people to look after, you feel it’s too hard.
  • Have no idea what to do or how to do it?
  • Lack the motivation and drive to start?
  • Need someone to help and guide you?



I joined Lisa’s Saturday gym class as the typical unfit overweight 50 year old. I have really enjoyed the last two years, gaining fitness and flexibility and losing weight! I used to hate going to the gym, but the Saturday gym with Lisa is fun and very social and the hour seems to go by very quickly. A great way to tone up, get the heart going and keep healthy!