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Our Third Week – Frootie Juices Menu w/c 3rd December

Lunchtime Takeaway – choice of 2 options

Frootie vegMonday

Winter Rootz n Butterbean soup AND Skinny Jeans (celery cucumber rocket n pineapple)

Trio of protein salads – lemon/spinach chickpea, Puy lentils n feta, black Beans feta n avo


Lentil Dal soup AND Green Giant (mango spinach apple avocado)

Rootz n Lentil pie with vegetarian gravy on leaves


Puy Lentil n Chunky Veg soup AND Vitty Kick (carrot apple ginger lemon n orange)

Pad Thai noodles with peanut n veggie sticks – chilli on side


Tomato n Chickpea soup AND Berry n Beetroot smoothie

Vietnamese Summer Rolls with dipping sauce AND fruit salad, yoghurt n seeds


Rustic Bean soup (cannellini, mushrooms, tomato, spinach) n V8 (8 vegetables with avo n tomato)

Indian crepes (wheat free) with spinach n halloummi filling


– soup and juice combo = 225ml soup n 250ml juice, vegan
– freshly juiced/prepared/cooked daily
– vegetarian, high protein, low fat, offering wide range of nutrition
– variety of Gluten free
-* served warm


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