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Jo Leesmith

Hi, my name is Jo Leesmith and I’m a trainer with Fit for Moore.  I was born in 1970, am married and have two boys.

Before starting a family I worked with Sussex Police, at Haywards Heath and Gatwick, but gave it up in 2001 to be a full time mum.

I first heard about Lisa about 5 years ago with both my boys at school and I found I had a lot of time on my hands and although I have never been that into exercise, thought doing some kind of class would be a good idea.

At first I just went along to the body conditioning class on a Thursday morning, but I often found excuses not to go, I had other things on, like I couldn’t fit them in on any of my other free days!!!

Then I hit a bit of a low period and having had PND after my second child went back to my GP who immediately gave me a prescription for anti depressants again, well I wasn’t going to go down that road again.  Having heard in the playground about a new boot camp Lisa was doing, I got on the phone and booked myself a place on the first 6 week course, and tore up the prescription.

Best thing I ever did and that’s when I really got the bug for exercise!

Not only did it make me feel better mentally but I was in better shape at 40 than I’d been in my 30’s, since then I’ve done more boot camps and classes of Lisa’s.

I was one of the first to sign up for the first block of Metabolic Effect classes that began in September 2012, doing 2 sessions a week.  I loved it!

Then I got to a point where I kind of felt that I should think about returning to the working world but it had to fit in with two things, being around for my kids and still doing Lisa’s classes.

After a couple of odd conversations with Lisa, the idea of studying to become a trainer and work with Lisa snowballed and the next thing I knew I was enrolled on a Level 2 gym instructor’s course,  It was an online course, so if I wasn’t in front the computer I was exercising, then in December I sat two written exams and a practical and found out in January that I had been successful and passed!!!

So here I am in my early 40’s, having begun a new career, doing something I love that fits in with my life perfectly.  Working with Lisa is amazing; she is constantly teaching me new things and has been a huge support.  But not only is it Lisa I enjoy working for, but the clients are a great bunch, they all work very hard at there own goals and the classes have a very fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

I look forward to going to ‘work’ and am excited about all the new classes Fit for Moore is working towards.

I joined Lisa’s Saturday gym class as the typical unfit overweight 50 year old. I have really enjoyed the last two years, gaining fitness and flexibility and losing weight! I used to hate going to the gym, but the Saturday gym with Lisa is fun and very social and the hour seems to go by very quickly. A great way to tone up, get the heart going and keep healthy!