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Lunchtime Take-Away Menu – February

Frootie veg
1. West Indian pumpkin soup n Green drink
2. Pad Thai with veggie sticks n chilli side
1.  Creamy veg soup  n green drink
2.  Chilli pot with veg crisps  N fruit snack
1.  Broccoli n toasted almond soup  n Beet It
2.  Summer Rolls n fruit salad
1.  Sweet potato coconut n chilli soup n green drink ( see the website for the recipe!!)
2.  Trio if protein salad with feta
1. Tomato n chickpea soup n berry smoothie
2. Chilli pot with veg crisps n fruit snack
1.   Winter squash n butterbean soup n green veg  drink
2. Pad Thai noodles n veggie stix
1.  African Mafe soup n green veg drink
2.  Black beans with feta n Munchy Seed sachet
1.  Pea mint n cucumber soup n Vitty kick
2.   The Big Salad – raw broccoli n brusseals with yoghurt chipotle dressing
1. roasted Rootz n pepper soup with green veg drink
2. Summer rolls n fruit salad
1. Lentil Dal n carroty drink
2. Veggie sticks chilli rocket wrap with humus n crudités
1.  Greens Soup n beetroot drink
2.  Pad Thai with veg sticks
1. Thai carrot Soup n green veg drink
2. Courgette noodles with marinated mushroomsWEEK 4Monday
1.  Rustic Beans soup n carrot drink
2. Courgette noodles with marinated mushroomsTuesday
1.  Carrot n Coriander soup n green veg drink
2. Portabello burger with halloummiWeds
1. Lentil Dal n green veg drink
2. Veggie sticks chilli rocket wrap with humus n cruditésThurs
1.  Tomato n chickpea soup n green veg drink
2.  Pad Thai Noodles with veg stick
To order please email with your choices, time and day of class and then bring your payment of £5 per meal long to your training session.

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