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Feeling STUCK?

Let me help you to re-discover the real you and take you from

Mundane to Marvellous

in just 4 weeks

Learn to Love Yourself Again, Regain Your Confidence, Stop Feeling Trapped or Being Scared of What People Think About You.

 In this 4-Week program, starting in:

Yes LISA I’d Love To Find The Escape Route

Early Bird Price just £147

(Early Bird Price special ONLY Available until 25th June)

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Let Me Ask You…..


Would you like to get the CONTROL back in your life?

Do you want to STOP your head buzzing with all those ‘ I’m just not good/clever/strong enough’ voices? .

Do you FEEL LIKE A FRAUD that one day everyone is going to find you out?

Have you LOST Your SELF ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE and inside are dying to be the life and soul of the party again?.

Do you feel that you TAKE ON TOO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY and find it hard to stay NO?

Is LOVING YOU a real struggle and the thought of doing something about it overwhelming?

Do you need help being able to STOP putting everyone else first without feeling GUILTY?

Sign up today and, as a BONUS you will get FREE Membership to my Live To Thrive Facebook group and access to my unique 6- week Nutrition plan if you sign up BEFORE 25th JUNE

The Format For The 4 Weeks

The format for the 4 weeks is as follows:

  • There will be a weekly Live group training call via Zoom.  ( All calls will be recorded so if you can’t make a session you can catch up afterwards).
  • You will receive a weekly Workbook via Email with your tasks to complete each week.
  • You will have access to a Private Facebook Group where you can post questions, update us on your progress, make friends and download any files you may need.
  • I will go ‘ Live’ in this group for 30 minutes each week and this will be an open Q&A.


About Your Coach 


Hi, I’m Lisa Moore and have been helping ladies with their health and wellbeing for over 25 years.  I qualified as a Personal Trainer at 18 and also had a successful career in the Corporate World in Finance, Sales and Account Management roles.

Fitness, Wellbeing and Nutrition are my passion but helping others to see and feel their true potential is what truly lights me up.

I believe what we all really want is to find our true selves and to feel happy, confident and free.  So when we look in the mirror we smile and not frown.

Over the years of working with many hundreds of women what’s really helped me to get the best results is to work more closely with what’s going on inside.

Specifically what’s going on in their heads!

The mind is an amazing tool but it can truly hinder us at times. I’m sure you agree?

Getting to the root cause of how they really feel and see themselves is what helps me to break down the invisible obstacles that are standing in their way.

This 4 Week Program will open up the Escape Route and start your journey to freedom.  Freedom from feeling stuck, overwhelmed,and exhausted and allow you to find YOU again.

From Mundane to Marvellous!

I look forward to helping you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does The Escape Route Program Start?

The first session will be on Monday 2nd July at 1.45pm via Zoom. (Full details will be sent to you about how to sign into Zoom) 


  • What happens if I can’t make one of the dates?
    If you can’t make one of the dates it doesn’t matter as ALL calls will be recorded and posted up into the Facebook group so you can catch up anytime.


  • How Much Time Will I need?You will need to be available for the live training each week and aim to attend the Q&A.  As all of these will be recorded you can watch them back at anytime but you MUST allow time to do so.  The amount of work you dedicate to this program will be in direct correlation to how far you go and how much you change.  (We’ll be covering ‘ not having enough time’ in the second week!)
  • What will I achieve on The Escape Route?
    You will learn how to harness the power of your own mind and how to use it to help rather than hinder.  I will teach you how to recognise when you are out of alignment and how to bring yourself back.  We will look at your lifestyle, your physical and emotional health as well as delving into the subconscious mind and how it can hold you back.


  • How Much ‘Health” is there in this program?                             I believe that good health and wellbeing comes from being balanced so I will be talking about practical application and your current lifestyle.  This is NOT about getting your slimmer or fitter, however you may find that as you do the work that naturally happens anyway!   IF you do want to include a nutrition and exercise plan if you sign up before the 25th June then you will get FREE access to my Body Transformation plan.
  • What is my investment?
    The investment will be just £147 if you sign up before 25th June.

**After this the program will return to it’s normal cost of £197

Yes LISA I Want To Find The Escape Route

Just £147

(Early Bird Price ONLY Available until 25th June)