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Ladies, do you feel stuck right now?…

Discover The Quickest, Easiest And Most Fun Way To Get Back In Control of your life.

Regain Your Confidence, Stop Feeling Trapped And Improve Your Health and Fitness in time for Spring!

 My new and improved ONLINE 6-Week Fitness & Mindset Transformation Course, Which Starts In:

This short course has been upgraded and redesigned specifically to help you:

    • Get the control back in your life.
    • Stop the ‘ I’ll be good tomorrow’ cycle or worrying about food ALL the time.
    • Start believing in yourself again and know that you can achieve your goals.
    • Master your MIND so you finally overcome emotional eating; which is the BIGGEST cause of weight gain.
    • Have oodles of Willpower and Motivation even on a ‘Bad Day’!
    • Be able to Stop putting everyone else before you or feeling guilty if you do put yourself first
    • Understand how your body and mind combine and finally get the balance right to obtain the results you’ve always wanted…

Plus, as a BONUS you will get FREE Membership to my Live To Thrive Facebook group and access to my unique 6- week Nutrition plan

Yes LISA I’d Love To Enrol On Your ONLINE Fitness & Mindset Transformation Course
Just £90

( Half Price special offer for the first 48 hours )

Course Signup

The Format For The 6 Weeks


The format for the 6 weeks is as follows:

All training sessions will take place using ZOOM on Tuesdays at 2PM.  All sessions will be recorded to if you can’t make it ‘live’ it doesn’t matter.

The training will last approximately 30 minutes.

There will be a closed Facebook group which will contain all recordings, worksheets and anything else you need for the course and I will be regularly ‘live’ in the group.

You will also get FREE access to the Live to Thrive Membership site where you can view workouts, previous webinars and other training videos that I have recorded.

Your 6 week nutrition program will also be available in the group.

There will be handouts to download prior to each session and worksheets for you to use during the week and the group is there to provide support and accountability throughout the 6 weeks.

This is the perfect format to educate and provide results in an environment that isn’t intimidating, you can choose if you want to do the workouts as part of this plan or just take part in the Mindset training sessions.  This is all about getting out of the glue and gaining control again.

For private one-to-one coaching I charge £250 a month and I currently have a waiting list.

With these group sessions, you’ll be getting my best coaching and many many workouts that you’d normally only have access to if you came to my studio.

For the next 48 HOURS ONLY I am reducing the price by 50% to just £45 for the 6-week course.

This price is only available until Midnight on Sunday 4th February when the price will increase to £90.

Numbers will be limited to just 20 places.

About Your Coach 


Lisa Moore is the founder of Fit For Moore, Health and Wellbeing Coach based in, Haywards Heath, West Sussex and has over 20 years of working with Sussex residents. Lisa has helped many people to lose weight, increase their fitness and wellbeing and more importantly get long term results that last.

Her clients, mostly women, range in age 40 – 80(!) and with her expert guidance they achieve amazing results.

Many of her clients have been working with her for 10 or more years and find the support and personal service second to none.

Over the last couple of years Lisa has expanded her expertise and programs to include Private One to One Coaching and Group Coaching both face to face and online.

Lisa helps her clients to find their personal source of strength; allowing them to feel more in control in their lives.  To stop blaming and comparing themselves and coaching them to find the freedom that comes with increased confidence, clarity and balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the Fitness & Mindset Transformation course start?
  • The first session will be on Tuesday 20th February at 2 pm via Zoom. (Full details will be sent to you about how to sign into Zoom) 
  • What happens if I can’t make one of the dates?
    If you can’t make one of the dates it doesn’t matter as ALL calls will be recorded and posted up into the Facebook group so you can watch and learn at your pleasure..
  • What will I achieve on the six-week course?
    If you’re looking to improve your weight then you’ll lose pounds and inches if you follow the nutrition plan and complete the workouts.  You will also benefit from better sleep, and reduced stress, in short, feel great. Plus I’ll take you through a process that will show you how to master your mind when it comes to nutrition, breaking bad habits, improving self confidence and much more…
  • How many spaces are available?
    he course will be capped at 20 ladies.
  • How much is the investment?
    For the 6-week Fitness & Mindset Transformation course your investment will be just £90. **Price valid until 31st March**

Yes LISA I Want To Enrol On Your Fitness & Mindset Transformation Course
Just £97

Here’s What A Few Clients Have To Say After Completing the Course

I signed up because I was spiralling in weight gain and needed a kick start to get the weight off and back to fitness

I learned loads I have lost 9lbs so far and counting! I also feel less guilt about the choices I make. I feel more in control and I have started to exercise again and its been the perfect kick up the bum!

It has opened my mind to all sorts of different ways of thinking about things and my body and food and exercise if you are feeling a bit blah about yourself go and sort yourself out!

Charlotte June 2017

Increased awareness of the impact of one thing on another.

The course is really good and I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling that need to make some changes that are going to stay.  Lisa  really questioned us and pushed us to look at our goals, habits, willpower, motivation and beliefs.  I have become a lot more aware of the impact my actions have on my wellbeing and look forward to seeing the benefits permanently.

I am now very aware of what I eat and drink and how it impacts on my sleep as well as other parts of my life.

Thank you Lisa!

Emma 2017

My First step back to fitness after children

Signing up for the Fitness and Mindset course for me was the first step in starting a fitness regime since having children. I hoped that it would motivate me to exercise. It has done just that – but not only on the fitness side but in other areas of my life too. My self esteem has improved and I seem to achieve much more. Don’t think about it, just sign up.

Fitness Mindset course Jan 2017

I felt programme was perfectly pitched

I have gained a better understanding to my approach to food and exercise. I really loved doing the exercise part to the course then the group discussion. It’s overall set me up on a better life track!

Ali 2017

Loved it..

It certainly gave me the kick start I needed!  The weekly topics and handouts were very informative and helped you think more about the reasons why you might do things and what you can do to help.


Friendly and Supportive and it wasn't just me who felt like this...

I found the group very friendly and supportive, you soon realise that others are in the same boat as you and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something we all need to work at…balance is a key word! The course will help you to identify areas to look at in regard to achieving this in a different way.

Helen, FMA course March 2017

It made me listen to my body...

It made me listen to my body and think about my habits. It has made me more alert to how I am feeling in certain situations.

FMA course March 2017