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Want to Start 2019 with a Balanced Metabolism, Toned Body and More Energy Than Ever Before?…

Discover The Quickest, Easiest And Most Fun Way To Get Back In Control of Body WITHOUT counting calories or killing yourself in the Gym.

 My proven ONLINE 6-Week Transformation Program is available NOW( but only until 30th January 2019!)

This 6 Week Program designed specifically to balance your metabolism, burn fat and tone your body. It
will help you:

    • Get the control back of your eating habits and teach you which foods works well for you and which don’t.fe.
    • Show you you how to exercise efficiently and at home so it works for you and not against you.
    • Stop the craving cycle by nourishing your body with all the right nutrients so you don’t keep reaching for the naughty items.
    • Master your MINDSET so you can overcome emotional eating; which is the BIGGEST cause of weight gain.
    • Have oodles of Willpower and Motivation even on a ‘Bad Day’!
    • Understand how your body and mind combine and finally get the balance right to obtain the results you’ve always wanted…

Plus, as a BONUS you and if you want MORE support you can sign up to attend the Fit For Moore Studio Metabolic Effect Class once a week for your 6 Week Program for only £25 extra.

Yes LISA Please Sign Me Up For Your ONLINE Transformation Course
Just £56

(25% Off Special Offer available until Midnight 30th January 2019)

Course Signup

The Format For The 6 Weeks

The format for the 6 weeks is as follows:

The program will be delivered to your via your Email.  Please ensure that you have added to your Safe Senders list to ensure you receive all the emails!

You will receive your first email the day after you sign up and this will give you all the information you require to get started.

The first week you will be Detoxing, so be prepared to cut out some food groups!  I can assure you though that you shouldn’t feel hungry, although you may feel tried or a bit achy as your body starts to reduce the toxins  in your blood stream.  Rest assured this will reduce over a couple of dale and by the end of the week you should feel energised and cleaner.

You will get access to the Home Workouts and watch out for some additional BONUS workouts through the program!


About Lisa Moore 

Lisa Moore

Lisa Moore is the founder of Fit For Moore, Health and Wellbeing Coach based in, Haywards Heath, West Sussex and has over 20 years of working with Sussex residents. Lisa has helped many people to lose weight, increase their fitness and wellbeing and more importantly get long term results that last.

Her clients, mostly women, range in age 40 – 80(!) and with her expert guidance they achieve amazing results.

Many of her clients have been working with her for 10 or more years and find the support and personal service second to none.

This Online program has been delivered to over 50 clients over the past few years and has been updated and amended to provide the best possible results.

Typically my clients lose between 4 – 10lbs in weight during this program, not only that they feel more energised, less stressed, sleep better and feel stronger.

The biggest benefit is that Metabolism becomes balanced and the body becomes more efficient at burning calories. The nutrition plan is not designed to starve but to reset the bodies natural system, leading the client to understand what works well for them and what does not.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I start the 6 Week Program?
  • You will receive your first Email the day after you sign up explaining everything you need to know to complete the program. Emails will then follow every 2-3 days.
  • Do I need any special equipment for the workouts?
    Yes, you’ll need to get a set of handweights for the exercise routines. I would recommend at least 3kg. You need a weight that will challenge you, not one that you can just keep lifting! A mat or towel will be useful for the floor exercises.
  • What will I achieve on the six-week program?
    Typically clients have lost between 4 to 10lbs in weight and reduced their body Fat percentage by up to 2%. I have seen up to 10 inches lost in total, with most of the inch loss coming off from the waist.
    Clients have also spoken about having more energy and better sleep. Their bodies are stronger and more toned.
  • How much is the investment?
    For the 6-week Xmas Special Offer you can get access to the full program ( including some BONUS workouts! ) for just £56, usual retail price is £78. **Price valid until 30th January 2019**

Yes LISA I Want access to 6 Week Transformation Program
Just £56

Here’s What A Few Clients Have To Say After Completing the Program

I loved wearing my outfit, felt like a million dollars and tried to have my photo taken at every opportunity!

In January 2018 I joined Fit for Moore and signed up for the 6 week programme, the results have been amazing! The change in my diet coupled with metabolic effect classes and small group training has seen me lose about 30lbs and drop 2 dress sizes. I feel fitter, stronger and have more confidence in myself than I have had for a long time. My son got married in August and I felt a million dollars – no longer hiding from the camera! Thank you Lisa for your help and support, I couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Angela Aug 2018

I would really recommend anyone to give it a try.

Having completed the six week challenge , which I enjoyed far more than I ever envisaged…Since finishing the Challenge I have now lost more weight with the exercise and feel generally much fitter and most of the time able to cope with what life throws my way!!! I still follow the recipes provided for the Challenge which even the grandchildren are loving – they are healthy, nutritious, easy to prepare and cook…. I would really recommend anyone to give it a try.

Mary 2017

I felt programme was perfectly pitched

I have gained a better understanding to my approach to food and exercise. I really loved doing the exercise part to the course then the group discussion. It’s overall set me up on a better life track!

Ali 2017

It made me listen to my body...

It made me listen to my body and think about my habits. It has made me more alert to how I am feeling in certain situations.

March 2018