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Did you miss the Midlife Mayhem Workshop?

Would you still like to learn more about the Three Key Areas that create the most Mayhem and how to change them?

You can now purchase the workbook and slides that I presented at the workshop.

Then you too can Discover The Quickest, Easiest ways to escape the Midlife Mayhem and regain your energy, enthusiasm and vitality!

Midlife Mayhem

The workbook covers everything that was discussed at the workshop and will help you to:

  • Understand your Metabolism and Hormones so you can finally lose those unwanted pounds and inches, reduce your waistline and feel great just in time for Summer.
  • Learn how to change your Habits so you can overcome emotional eating and negative thoughts, which currently stop your from feeling like the real YOU.
  • To STOP saying YES to everything or feeling guilty for taking time out for yourself. It gives you tasks to complete that will show you how to change your habits and stop paying attention to the negative thoughts in your head.

Yes please – I’d Love To purchase the Workbook and Slides from your 2 Hour Midlife Mayhem Workshop. Only £21

MM Workbook Purchase

MM Workbook Purchase


Here’s some of the feedback I received after the workshop.

Your Midlife Mayhem Workshop was...

“Fantastic. Highly informative. Relaxed forum. Thought provoking.”


“I enjoyed the workshop tremendously.

Midlife for women is such a struggle on so many levels, physically and emotionally. I find that it is not something many people speak openly about, maybe the odd comment – oh I am so warm….

´The drop in confidence as body and life structure changes. When you started the presentation – I thought you were talking about me- single mum, two kids, running around like mad to make ends meet and wondering why I am so exhausted?!

It was a great forum to see other ladies and learn about the struggles which are natural and what we can do. Physical well being – being fit is essential for my emotional well being.

I have the motivation but not always the time and the “why” question was essential for me to get to the bottom line of my misery.

All the books are ordered!

It is important for women to learn about these changes in our metabolism to care better for our bodies which otherwise seems to just work against us. Thank you.”


“It was your title that grabbed me. Mayhem - isn't it just.

I could also use a general course in midlife changes / crisis,- what’s happening, what’s normal – where to go for help and motivation. What should I put up with and what can be sorted. Nutrition – supplements etc”

Enjoyable Event

Informative, easy to listen too, some new ways of thinking as tackling issues. To the point, enjoyable.