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What is REALLY holding you back?





Join me for a day at the beautiful Ashdown Park Hotel Hotel and Country Club on

Friday 29th March 2019

Yes LISA I’d Love To Join You at Ashdown Park Hotel on 29th March

Early Bird Price just £127

(Early Bird Price special ONLY Available until 28th February)

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Let Me Ask You…..

Ashdown Park Hotel and Country club


Do you worry that if you say NO, people won’t like you and so you say Yes all the time which leaves you overwhelmed and exhausted?

Do you feel that people are going to judge you if you decided to do things differently or step out of your usual life?   

Does the thought of speaking up or standing up for yourself scare you so much that instead you just keep quiet and hold it all inside?

Have you had enough of your head buzzing with all those ‘ I’m just not good/clever/strong enough’ voices?

Do you FEEL LIKE A FRAUD that one day everyone is going to find you out?

Have you LOST Your SELF ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE and inside are dying to be the life and soul of the party again?.

Do you need help being able to STOP putting everyone else first without feeling GUILTY?

Sign up today and join me at Ashdown Park Hotel for a day just for you. 

A day where you will learn that what other people think is not the real problem. 

Learn how to stop feeling guilty about putting yourself first.

Leave knowing you can take Fear-Less action on what YOU want to achieve in your life.

Stop playing small by finding the courage to speak up and speak out without any fear.


You will leave full of courage and confidence with a plan on what to do next.

A day for you to let go of the worry and anxiety and learn to love your life and yourself.


“I really WOULD recommend this workshop.  I loved the Interaction with others and the worksheets.  Listening, Learning and Sharing.  A fab day! ”  Jo Williams

The Format For The Day

What to expect:

  • The day will run from 9.30am – 4.00pm and includes refreshments and a 2 course Table D’hote Lunch
  • The day will be interactive and will include group sessions, partner work and quiet time for reflection and self-discovery.
  • We’ll work through the internal wisdom principles which I use in my coaching programs.
  • Included will be a Mindfulness Walk through the beautiful grounds of Ashdown Park and you will have free access to the onsite Spa at the end of the day.
  • And to finish, a group meditation which allows you to tap into your own intuitive senses.
  • Leaving with a sense of wellbeing and a chance to use the Hotel Spa!

About Your Coach 


Hi, I’m Lisa Moore and have been helping ladies with their Health and Wellbeing for over 25 years.  A fully qualified Personal Trainer, Craniosacral Therapist, and Coach, I also had a successful career in the Corporate World in IT Sales and Account Management roles.

I am so passionate about helping other women because I have suffered from the fear of judgment most of my life, leading me to both not taking chances when I knew that I really wanted to or doing things just to please others so they wouldn’t think badly of me.

I spent a lot of time being a ‘people pleaser ‘ and doing everything because I was scared to stand up for myself, I was worried I’d be seen as ‘ selfish ‘ or a ‘show off’.

When I started my own business I would worry about what people would think.  This often led me to offer discounted prices because otherwise, they’d think I was being greedy!

I would compare myself to everyone else or worry about what I was writing or selling so often would not market myself for the fear of what people would think. Not a great way to grow a business!

Being a single mum with 2 daughters to bring up it was not an option to fail! So…

Through my own personal development and really looking inside me, I have developed an understanding of personal honesty which has allowed me to be ‘ seen’ and to not worry about what ‘ they ‘ think. Any criticism or judgment is now used to grow and learn and allows me to better serve you, my clients.

It teaches us how to set boundaries for ourselves so we don’t get stuck in that people pleasing pattern where often women get stuck.

Fitness, Wellbeing and Nutrition are my passion but helping others to see and feel their true potential is what truly lights me up.

I believe what we all really want is to find our true selves and to feel happy, confident and free.  So when we look in the mirror we smile and not frown.

This event has come together as a result of my personal experiences in life, my many years of training in fitness, wellbeing and alternative health and a strong desire to help other women see that Life really is Wonderful, despite our to-do lists, our challenges and our limited time ( although that might just be a story you’re telling yourself!!)

My intention is for you is to live a Fear-Less life.

Freedom from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and exhausted and allowing you to find YOU again.

Fear-Less and Powerful!

I look forward to helping you.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Ashdown Park Hotel?

One of the finest luxury hotels in Sussex.  Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club is situated in the beautiful Ashdown Forest just a few miles from East Grinstead.  The Hotel  has 106 bedrooms, Spa ( which you are free to use on the day ), Golf Course, Tennis courts and croquet lawns.

  • The Nearest Station
    East Grinstead Rail Station (7 miles) – 12 minutes
    Gatwick Station (16 miles) to Victoria, London on the Gatwick Express – 30 minutes
    Channel Tunnel (79 miles) – 60 minutes
  • The Investment?

Early Bird tickets are available until 28th February and are just £127, after this date the tickets will revert to standard price of £157.

There is a VIP option where you will receive 3 Coaching 1:1 Sessions with Lisa after the event.  Tickets for this are limited to 5 people and can be booked after you main ticket.  The cost for VIP is £357 *

  • Staying Over & Parking

There is plenty of parking available on site and any bookings for room must be made directly with the hotel.  Special Rates may also be available.

  • What will I need to bring for the day?

You need to bring yourself, an open mind, and some clothing suitable for outside for when we do the Mindful Walk in the grounds.  (This WILL take place no matter the weather!)

If you intend to use the Spa at the end of the day make sure you bring all you need.

Yes LISA I Want To join you at Ashdown Park Hotel

Just £127

(Early Bird Price ONLY Available until 28th February)

Here's what some of the ladies who attended the last workshop had to say..

Great Coaching!

Lisa has the ease of an old friend, yet the ability to challenge where you need it. I was looking for some direction in one area, but unexpectedly gained insights into other things.


An inspiration.

I so enjoyed having time for me and educating myself.  It was lovely to have a small group, the talks were great and the meditation brilliant!   What a great lunch and the location is beautiful.


Fascinating Always!

It was fascinating and I learnt a lot, thank you.  I would recommend this as everyone needs a little help at times x.


A truly Uplifting Day

I really enjoyed the stories, sharing and meeting and making new friends.  It was so uplifting and a learnt a lot.  I loved the meditation – please can you record it for me?!