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FREE Event – Posture, Stretch and Relaxation and how this will improve you chance of weight loss and good health

Next Tuesday the 7th October starting at 7pm will be holding a free event at our Fitness studio in Haywards Heath.

Understanding the benefits of relaxation, stretching and good posture is so important especially in today’s modern society where we spend a vast amount of time sat down typing on devices and staring into screens.  It’s expected that we’ll work long hours and take work home with us (regardless of how many hours we’re contracted to work,) have our phones switched on all the time and respond to emails any anytime of the day or night.  This isn’t fair or right and leads to a huge amount of stress which in turn can lead to health problems and weight gain.

Stress alone can be the main reason why some of us can’t lose weight even if you eat sensibly and healthily so it’s really important to understand why relaxation must form part of any health and fitness routine.

Do come along to our free event, bring a friend and come and have some YOU time.

We have put together an hour of information with tips and advice on how you can bring some relaxation into your life.  We will show you how to stretch and explain why this is important and how just a simple stretch routine can bring that much needed relaxation into your life to reduce stress and lead you back to health and fitness.

To register for a place please click here.

( We are limited by space so hurry and book your place today).




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The amazing Lisa Moore has changed my life, she has reached parts of me emotional that no one else has managed to find, she has found determination and belief in me that I thought I had lost. When I first met Lisa I was this angry and self-conscious person.  I felt upset when I looked in the mirror so much so I used to get cross with anyone upstairs in the house due to having a fat moment, mos
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