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After 20 years of no exercise and a decline in fitness and general wellbeing I decided it was finally time to do something about it and train myself back into shape. With the help of a good friend I have spent the last 18 months exercising and losing weight so that I am now the fittest I have been in the whole of my adult life.

Now that I am where I want to be it is important that I maintain this through regular and varied exercise.

Lisa’s circuit training classes were recommended to me and every Saturday morning (hangover or not) I attend. Circuit training is new to me however it is a great opportunity to push myself in a variety of disciplines alongside like-minded people. I find the classes to be fun, varied, informative and motivating. You can go at your own pace and when I want to push hard there is enough scope to have a really strenuous work out.

I find that these classes really set me up for the weekend and fit well alongside my other exercise activities.

To be honest Lisa I cannot really think of anything you need to change. Sometimes I find it a little frustrating that others take it too easy and stop to chat (it is possible for men to do both at once – it’s not only women who can multi task) but that is their choice and it doesn’t stop me achieving what I need out of the session.

I’m enjoying it so crank up the music and push me as hard as you like! Thanks

What can I say about Fit For Moore except that it is fantastic.  The classes are hard work, great fun and get amazing results!  Lisa and her team are genuinely concerned to make sure that everyone achieves their personal goals and gets the ultimate benefit from their work out.  Whether I’ve done an early morning small group training session or a Metabolic Effect class, I leave the studio buzz
Stef James