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Jo Herbert

The amazing Lisa Moore has changed my life, she has reached parts of me emotional that no one else has managed to find, she has found determination and belief in me that I thought I had lost.

When I first met Lisa I was this angry and self-conscious person.  I felt upset when I looked in the mirror so much so I used to get cross with anyone upstairs in the house due to having a fat moment, most overweight people know how this feels.

I would never have dreamt that I would get fit, before having children I used to be very fit, played hockey for Crawley 1st team and managing the training sessions, I gave this up when I fell pregnant with my first child.

Lisa has been with me supporting me all the way since January 2013, I had the biggest adult strop ever when I was informed I had to go out on a run, this was public humiliation to me, running in public, no thanks! But we did, we ran down a private road, its nearly killed me but Lisa kept me going, I would have given up had Lisa not been by my side.  We used various techniques like songs and times tables to keep me focused, I ran a whole mile, we finished and I cried and cried, this was huge for me, the fat mum at school had run a mile.

No going back now, the fight was back in me and she had re kindled the determination that I used to have over 12 years ago.  I am never going to skinny but what I am and will continue to be is fit and feel good about myself, that’s what has really made the difference. No more diets just eating the right food.

Little mentions of setting myself a target every time we spoke brought on a moment of madness, I set a target of a triathlon in September, 7 months to go at the time which seemed miles away! Time flew, Lisa provided me monthly training schedules with workouts that increased to test me, she showed me how to do the exercises and how to make them harder and easier if required.

I did the triathlon 3 weeks ago, a 200 metre swim, a 20K bike and a 2.5 k run, 14th in the swim out of 32, 12th in the bike and 31st in the run.  After crossing the line I felt exhilarated and exhausted,  me, Jo Herbert completing a Tri, quite unbelievable.

Chatty to chaps whilst chopping on a banana I was informed that the bike section is the hardest tri in Sussex, all downhill from here then.  I am now inspired to do Aqua bikes, which are a swim and a bike.  Found sports which I really enjoy and keep me fit.

Lisa has been so perfect for me, she understands that life can be very busy, being a mum, wife and me all in one go with running a business and keeping my 2 dogs happy. Doing my workouts at home when I want in the day and with certain sessions fitting in round my life has worked wonderfully.

So it’s the end of September now and I am ‘cm’s’ smaller, lighter, fitter, stronger and most of all happier! Thank you Lisa Moore!

After 20 years of no exercise and a decline in fitness and general wellbeing I decided it was finally time to do something about it and train myself back into shape. With the help of a good friend I have spent the last 18 months exercising and losing weight so that I am now the fittest I have been in the whole of my adult life. Now that I am where I want to be it is important that I maintain th