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Hilary Williams, Client of the Month, March 2015

I was put on to Fit for Moore by a friend when I was feeling pretty low after 2 very difficult years and the death of my father. Although I was regularly going to the gym and swimming, I felt as if there was no structure to what I was doing and I needed a kick start!

And that is precisely what I got! A clear and sympathetic assessment of my weight, shape, regime and lifestyle with practical steps to improve my fitness and diet. Best of all,  Lisa provided the promise of support and encouragement for me to keep going.

I have shed some weight but more importantly have changed shape to become leaner and stronger. I really do feel SO much better about myself.

The small group classes have been great. Fun, hard work, always a challenge and a source of mutual support and encouragement.

The simple guidelines for my diet have been very helpful too as, although my diet is great nutritionally, I sometimes lose the way in terms of keeping my energy levels up, so have found this incredibly helpful.

Most of all I have benefited from the need to be ‘accountable’ and also from the fact that Lisa, Jo and Sam are just so very nice!!

All three have their distinctive styles and are highly professional in their approach.
I really do enjoy classes with all of them. They all know me now and look out for what I need to do; they know my goals and weaknesses and are always very encouraging about my progress.

I have just loved being part of Fit for Moore for the last 8 months.
All in all, it has been a hugely positive and beneficial change to my life and I genuinely miss it when I am away!

I started working with Lisa from Fit for Moore at the beginning of March 2013, This became a whole new chapter in my life and I can honestly say without the help and support of Lisa and staff and fellow clients I do not think I would have achieved the results I have, or even continued to work towards losing the weight I have. [caption id="attachment_3906" align="alignright" width
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