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Exciting News!

Inspiring Talks Brighton

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been hinting that I had a BIG announcement coming and last night, in Brighton, on stage it was announced!

I am the new owner of Inspiring Talks Brighton.

On Stage at The Nightingale Rooms at Grand Central.

Here I am on stage last night speaking to a packed audience, explaining who I was, why I wanted to do this and my vision and dreams for Inspiring Talks Brighton.

This was an opportunity for me that I simply could not turn down.  For those of you who’ve been reading my emails for a long time, you will know I’ve been on a journey with Public Speaking now for about 3 years.

It lead me to start Lunch & Learn, design workshops, courses and to establish my Coaching business.

Alongside Fit For Moore, Fit For Tennis and Craniosacral therapy I feel like this is the missing piece of my puzzle!

In Sally’s words: Inspiring talks Brighton is the place to be for uplifting, high vibe and inspiring talks, full of warm-hearted, progressively minded people who want to share their stories, their projects and their uniqueness with you.

I’ve been on stage here four times now, firstly as a ‘ Risky Biscuit ‘ in November 2017 ( where you just get up on stage without any preparation and talk for 5 minutes ) and then as an Inspiring Speaker, another Risky biscuit and then last night, announcing that I’m the new owner.

It was ( and still is scary ) but I truly believe that Bravery is the best medicine for Fear.Each time I have been to this event I have been inspired, learned something new and had my eyes opened to different opinions and alternative ways of looking at things.  I know that I want many others to experience that too.

I think it is an amazing business and I am so excited to be taking it over and I can’t wait to encourage others, who are just like I was, to put their fear to one side and take those brave steps up on stage.

My first meeting ( as Hostess!) will be on Thursday 20th June and tickets are already on sale.  the line up for our next evening is incredible and you can check it out here:

Inspiring Talks #21 June 2019

I will continue to run Fit For Moore and everything else, there may be a few changes behind the scenes, as I am sure I’ll need some extra help with all the admin but apart from that nothing changes for now.

I’m off for a rest now!

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Lisa has been my trainer for at least 16 years. She makes the business of keeping fit and supple funny and fun. Prior to knowing her I never lasted at any gym or class longer than a few weeks. Now I hate missing a session. She is a  great friend and I value her immensely.
Dr Jane Eadie (retired GP)