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Don’t worry about what ‘ THEY’ think any more.

My whole life, I’ve worried about what others thought about me. Would they like me?  Was I clever enough?  Did I have anything to say that they’d find interesting? What if they laughed at me?  I know that I am not alone in feeling like this, but it’s taken me nearly 48 years to realize…

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December 31, 2018

Top tips for finding the right Diet for you.

People are always looking for new diets that promise amazing results, trouble is ‘ diets’ are a short term answer and provide short term results. At Fit For Moore we believe in long term, sustainable, healthy eating including ALL of the food groups; carbohydrates, fats, proteins, water and essential vitamin and minerals. The word diet…

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March 29, 2015

Your Weekly 7 Day Guide – March 16th 2015

You should have plans to hit the grocery store today or will have already organized your weekly shop and meals for the next 7 days. I’ve added a shopping list at the bottom of this blog for you to use, that way you can either print it out and take it with you or set…

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March 16, 2015

Put a Spring in your step this Week

As the weather warms up it’s time to get outside and get some sun on your skin.  This helps encourage your body to absorb Vitamin D which helps your regulate your Calcium and phosphate levels and keep your bones and teeth healthy so this week I want you to try and get outside as much…

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March 9, 2015

7 Day guide to Health and Fitness

So here we go with another 7 Day Guide and for those of you with Children at school or if you’re a Grandparent you’ll know it’s Half Term this week.  This means maybe you’re getting away from it and having a family break or you’ve got even more juggling to do by managing Childcare.  I…

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February 16, 2015

Get Valentine ready with this Week’s 7 Day Guide

It’s Valentine’s day soon so  you have the next few days to really get in shape so here is our 7 Day guide to get in shape. Here’s what you should be doing today if you really want to make a difference before Saturday. You should be on your way out to shop and prepare…

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February 9, 2015

7 Day Guide – it’s February already!

It’s hard to believe we’re already into the second month of the year and as it’s the shortest month no doubt it’ll be March before we know it. The plan for these weekly blogs is to give those people who want improve their health and fitness access to information which will help them to lose…

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February 2, 2015

Last Week In January – Your 7 Day Guide

I get a little worried around this time of the year that people are going to start losing their motivation to eat well, train consistently, and do everything they can to improve their health. After all, it’s been nearly a month since most people “got serious” about getting back in shape, and if they aren’t…

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January 26, 2015

Our Weekly 7 Day Guide – January 12th 2014

Are you on a Detox or having a dry January? A lot of people certainly seem to be at this time of year! I think it’s a great idea to cut down on the amount of stimulants (caffeine and alcohol being good examples) but if you’re only going to do this for one month and…

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January 12, 2015

Rest or Activity what’s the best for weight loss?

Most people would think that I would say Activity as being the best possible thing for weight loss but that’s not always the case.  We lead such busy, stressful lives that we never properly rest and recover and allow our bodies to repair and relax.  I have known people who have tried and tried to…

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July 21, 2014
1. What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program? I have tried so many diets, slimmers world did work for me however I put the weight back on again which is nothing new. I want to get fit, in the past my fitness has been good and I have been able to meet and exceed most fitness challenges with no trouble. 2. What results have you achieved since starting your program?