Free 5 Day Challenge reveals how BUSY 40+ professional women can start to have More Energy, Better Health, and Feel Back In Control of their life by following my 3 simple and easy strategies.

Join this FREE ' Back In Control' 5 Day Challenge and learn the 3 simple steps that will help you stop procrastinating, working too hard, and ignoring your own needs.

By learning these 3 simple strategies you will have more energy every day, feel motivated to take action, and no longer feel guilty about putting your needs first.

You'll have enough for you and enough for everyone else.




  • With too much to do and not enough time to do it, I'll show you a simple and effective way to reduce the overwhelm so you get things done and have time to spare!
  • Learn how to motivate yourself even when you don't feel like it so you finally stop beating yourself up for not achieving your goals.
  • Understand what is sapping your energy (it's not what you think!) so that you always find the time, space and energy to look after your health. Which leads you to smile at the image in the mirror and not grimace!
  • Define a process that works in your life, to create a more balanced and harmonious work/personal life that puts YOU back in control.
  • You'll Be Given Exclusive Access To Our Private Challenge Members Only Facebook Group, Along With Everyone Else Taking Part In The Challenge.
  • Every Day I'll share one simple Task in the Group for you to complete and post in the comments on how you got on.
  • Each task can be completed in just 20-30 minutes, don't worry as I'll be on hand to answer any questions that you may have every day. Plus you'll connect and chat with the other participants, share stories and make new friends.
Hosted by Lisa Moore - Fit For Moore

"I've loved this week. learnt loads and am feeling more prepared to let my eldest go and start school in September and move house and just all the other things that are going on. thank you so much, you are amazing. xxx

- Emma

"Lisa Moore is possibly the most inspiring person I have ever met.
The Ship Method puts in clear and thought provoking language why we hold ourselves back and encourages changes in thought and habit . That withstanding Lisa does not pretend that any steps taken to change lifestyle are easy or always need to be big ones . In fact manageable small steps are likely to be more lifelong and steadfast . 
Thank you Lisa."

- Helen

"I’ve really enjoyed having someone challenge and hold me personally to account. I’ve enjoyed the consistency and the realistic timescales to complete the tasks. I do already have self care and time to myself, my issue is more about the motivation and actually making a change around my weight loss. Even the fact that I’m obese and diabetic and the possible consequences of that doesn’t motivate me to change.

I have felt really liberated talking about it in a private community. I’m a private person and rarely talk about me.

In the future, I will be more open and honest with others, knowing that acceptance is there and people won’t judge as much as I thought they would.

Thank you so much Lisa, I’ve enjoyed this x

- Katie

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Here's What My Client's Have Said about The SHIP Method and 5 Day Challenge...

'You are such a font of knowledge. I think for me, what sets you aside from many is that you make it very relevant to each and every person and are not afraid to let thoughts hang for a bit and then gently but deliberately challenge. There’s a difference between being inspiring and being transforming. Transformation is what people want and you have the knowledge and skill to get them there. I loved being part of your 5 day challenge, thank you.' 


'I have loved this week. It has helped me focus, identify what isn’t working, what I need to work on and how to do some of it. I’ll probably get a bit lost along the way but I have really valued from doing this in a condensed way and with other people so there has been some pressure to get it all done. It’s been fantastic and a wonderful, eye opening opportunity. Thank you.' 


“I really enjoyed working with Lisa as a member of her group called the SHIP Method.  Lisa is a really down to earth, “say it like it is” lovely lady.  She’s a talented coach who makes the work you do in her group very personal and confidential. She stays in touch via a Facebook Group, so you don’t feel like you’re neglected at any time.  The powerful questions she uses helps you focus on the here and now and also your future goals in order to learn more about yourself; the qualities that make up your uniqueness of being you and helping you identify and work towards your goals.   The highlight for me was identifying my purpose.  It helps me to maintain my focus, my compass, as to who I am, where I’m going.  I highly recommend joining Lisa

L. Biggs, West Sussex

I hope this is helpful feedback, I have enjoyed the sessions and the challenges to make me think about things, now I am focusing on one thing, and I can see that now I am starting to feel I am getting a handle of that one thing, that I might be ready to start looking at different areas!  My normal pattern of behaviour is to flit from one thing to another and not give each thing the right amount of attention, so I have stepped out of my comfort zone and held firm to concentrate on one thing. Now I can see the idea behind enjoying the journey because I am doing it and starting to see results, so now I can start widening the net and look at some other things.  Your are very supportive and encouraging and clearly know your stuff."


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I have felt your pain, truly, I get it..!

I'm a single mum of two teenage daughters who live with me 100% of the time, I run my own businesses and have to do it all. There have been many times when it's was all TOO much. I was out of balance and I was out of control.

I am sure that you want to do the best for your family, for your job or business AND of course, you want to enjoy your life, have fun, be in great shape, be healthy and love your body. Why wouldn't you?

Has it ever got too much and you've felt like you were drowning?

Had far too much to do that would lead to constantly feeling guilty for the stuff that you'd missed?

Worried about what other people thought which lead to procrastinating instead of taking action? (A vicious circle!)

And feel tired and exhausted with no energy or motivation?

Plus, when you look in the mirror you just want to look away :(

I understand what it's like ( I have been there ) and have seen and worked with women like you many times.

Over the past 5 years, I've worked really hard on myself to ensure that I always have the time for me, and time for my family. And if the guilt monkey arrives, he get's short shrift!

I want to show you how it is possible to take back control of your life so that you can have a fulfilling career and at the same time see plenty of your family and do more of the things that light you up. To show you how you can be in great shape, (without spending hours in the gym) lead a healthy and fulfilled life and feel fully in control each day.

That is why I put together this 5 Day Challenge, to show you THREE simple steps that can start you on your voyage to a more balanced life.

I can't show you everything in a week but I promise even these five days will have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself.

Lisa Moore

Creator of The SHIP Method

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