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6 Week Fat Loss Programme

Let me help you can change your body shape once and for all.

This 6 week On Line bootcamp will explain the impact of what and how you are eating on your body.  How the type and intensity of the exercise you do affects the hormonal balance of your body and how the daily stress in your life may be making you store fat in all the wrong places.

In today’s busy lifestyle finding the time to exercise is one of the major barriers stopping us from exericsising.  I can show you how you can improve your health, diet and fitness levels in 6 weeks without having to spend hours slogging it out at the gym but safely in your own home space.

If you have tried all the other weight loss programmes out there, are fed up with the gym and just don’t know what else to do then this is the program for you. I can guarantee if you follow all my steps that you will feel more energized, be fitter and will drop a jeans size by the end of this 6 week bootcamp.

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The amazing Lisa Moore has changed my life, she has reached parts of me emotional that no one else has managed to find, she has found determination and belief in me that I thought I had lost. When I first met Lisa I was this angry and self-conscious person.  I felt upset when I looked in the mirror so much so I used to get cross with anyone upstairs in the house due to having a fat moment, mos
Jo Herbert