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Metabolic Effect

Train with us Online using our Private Zoom Room!

Sadly, since the Covid Pandemic ( March 2020 ) Fit For Moore are not able to operate at their Fitness Studio but has moved to deliver classes via Zoom.

Running Monday to Thursday there is a daily class starting at 9.30 am

The Metabolic Effect Class is idea if you’re looking to tone up, lose weight and stay in shape.  Just 30 minutes, this rest-based class is easily done in the comfort of your own home, with Lisa on screen with you.

This is a self paced workout, meaning you work at your own pace. You work until you can’t work any more , rest and then work again. You are actually allowed to rest and the more you rest the harder you can push yourself, leading to fantastic results.

A simple, full body, energetic workout guaranteed to burn fat both during and after your workout.

Raising your metabolic rate = Burning Fat, Increased Muscle, Great shape!

Suitable for all levels of fitness with no complicated choreography, safe and functional and you don’t even need to know your right from your left.

Classes take place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at various time so please refer to our Timetable for more information.

Spaces are limited to 9 people maximum at each class.  A full assessment is carried out prior to your first class so we can get to know you and your body and teach you the correct way to complete the exercises.

For more information please contact us here

What can I say about Fit For Moore except that it is fantastic.  The classes are hard work, great fun and get amazing results!  Lisa and her team are genuinely concerned to make sure that everyone achieves their personal goals and gets the ultimate benefit from their work out.  Whether I’ve done an early morning small group training session or a Metabolic Effect class, I leave the studio buzz
Stef James